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Release Notes

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Latest version: 5DFly Photo Design 2.70.2

How to check 5DFly version number?

From the toolbar on the top, click Help->About 5DFly to check the version number.

Release Notes:

2.70.2 (Released on April.21st, 2010)

Minor update: improve thumbnail display on element panel in edit mode

2.70 (Released on March.23th, 2010)

1. Correct occasional category display error  (Double click 5DF file in Windows explorer)
2. In edit mode, all templates are displayed at the right element panel and not restricted by the ratio between photo width and height in design area.

2.68 (Released on March.4th, 2010)

Improve photo copy function according to end users' feedback:  Duplicated photo is allowed to copied to photo basket when double clicking a template-set & add photos

2.67 (Released on Feb.10, 2010)

Minor bug fix of error message of first-time run on specific PC occasionally.
Improve replacing photo in edit mode:
In edit mode, the end user can double click an image layer of original photos, choose an image in the pop-up window to replace it quickly. It significantly improves the design efficiency.

2.60 (Released on Jan.18th, 2010)

Improved the user interface of edit mode including copy/paste/undo/redo, supports Windows 7

2.36 (Released on Jan.8th, 2010)

Improve the performance when generating JPG with large number of image layers.

2.30 (Released on Dec.17th, 2009)

Minor update: Improved buffer control when importing & editing large-size image files.

2.29 (Released on Nov.26th, 2009)

Minor update:
Change the 2 default photo calendar template-sets(26 templates) in the installation package from calendar of year 2009 to 2010

2.28 (Released on Oct. 30th, 2009)

Minor update:
Correct error message when installing a corrupted photo template file.

2.27 (Released on Oct. 16th, 2009)

Important update:

Resolve the issue of stop working on some PCs, which installed the latest Microsoft update patch of Oct.13th,2009.

2.26 (Released on September 29th, 2009)

Bug fix:
1. Error message when clear photos in basket if editing an blank photo page concurrently.
2. Save the current project as a new one miss original photos in basket.

2.23.2 (Released on September 12th, 2009)

Significantly improve the speed of photo templates installation process. (Recommend update)

2.23 (Released on September 2nd, 2009)

New functions:
Copy photo page to a new one: When editing photo pages, end user can select a photo page and copy it to a new one.
Fix bug: Fix bug of 5DFly Photo Design stop working when running under Vista & specific .Net environment.

2.21 (Released on August 20th, 2009)

Monochrome: Support customized color to monochrome a photo
Process of copying files can be interrupted: when copying lots of files, it can be interrupted by clicking Cancel button.
Process of photo rendering can be interrupted: when processing photo rendering, it can be interrupted by clicking Cancel button.
Support deleting one or several selected photo in photo basket instead of erase all photos.

Fix bug: Fix bug of error message when generating photo PowerPoint.

2.18.3 (Released on August 7th, 2009)

Support automatic photo templates installation by double clicking the .5DF file;
Add copy & paste function when right click an selected image layer;
Project can be saved as a new one when editing.

2.18.1 (Released on July 30th, 2009)

Bug fix: the non-English sorting order of configuration bug.

2.18 (Released on July 10th, 2009)

Improve photo frame & background list performance after installing hundreds of photo templates.
Improve photo thumbnail when copying big number of photos to basket.
Fix bugs of text modification when editing multiple photo pages.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 April 2010 10:35