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Basic Concept Must know

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5DFly software contains some terminologies you must understand before you start to use it. Please read the below concept and it must be helpful when you start to design amazing photos.

Photo template

Photo template is an image layer layout definition format, which contains frame, background & images as well as it's layout. When you apply a template to your own photo, the software will automatically arrange the design accordingly.


Template-set contains 5-15 photo templates with similar meaning.  It's very helpful for you to design a photo book or calendar or other artworks quickly by few mouse clicks.

Image layer

In edit mode, all elements like frame, background and photos can be easily arranged in WYSIWYG interface. All elements and your photos in design area are called image layer and for each one, you may adjust its position, rotation, effect etc.


All elements are separated into 3 types, frame, background & images(clipart). The difference between frame, background and normal clipart images is as below.

When you add a frame to the design area, the image layer is automatically locked, which means you cannot select it by mouse click. If you want to select for editing like RGB adjustment or setting transparency, you have to click the image layer management button to select it first or right click & select it from the menu list.

The reason why it's automatically lock is that the frame layer always cover all the design area and almost on the top, if it can be selected by mouse click, it would be very difficult to click other image layers like your original photo or other small decoration clipart elements.


As frame image layer, the background layer is automatically locked when it's added to the design area. The difference is that by default it's placed to the back automatically.

Photo page

The most useful feature of 5DFly Photo Design is to help you to create multiple photo designs quickly by applying template-set containing 7-20 photo templates automatically. Each time when you start to design your artwork, it create a project for you which contains multiple photo pages for you to easily manage it.


Each time when you start your design, prior to generate image output, you need to save your design as a project and all the design process and layout will be saved. It can be opened by clicking the button Project in top toolbar for further editing.


Last Updated on Saturday, 06 February 2010 19:29