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Download Photo Template categoried by baby, love & romantic, wedding

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Please visitĀ  5DFly web site to get unlimited access to free 5DFly amazing photo templates, which are grouped by themes and categories like calendar, baby, romantic & love, wedding photo templates.

Each file with the extension name of 5DF (template-set file) contains 5-15 photo templates. Those 5-15 photo templates have very close meaning and give people similar feeling so as to create your designs easily and quickly. Please find your favorites and download it.

The templates are sorted according to your needs, as they are grouped into themes. For example, the baby themed layouts are found under the baby photo template category; love and Romantic are also grouped into categories of their own. If you want to preserve the most wonderful memories of your baby, you may find lots of photo templates like baby calendar, baby grow-up templates etc. The same goes with your family, lovers, friends, as there are templatesĀ  made especially for them as well.

Please click here to download photo templates http://www.5dfly.com/free-photo-template.php .

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2010 18:19