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Install Photo Templates

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You may find the photo templates at http://www.5dfly.com/free-photo-template.php.

Please follow below steps to install more photo templates into 5DFly Photo Design.

1. Find your favorite templates

On the photo templates web pages as below,

Photo Templates Download

2. Click button Download as above diagram to download templates file (5DF) which normally contains 5-15 photo templates in each one.

3. Install templates by one of the below methods.

Method one: Double click 5DF file in Windows explorer

Open Windows explorer, find the file (5DF) you have downloaded, double click it, 5DFly photo templates installation program will pop up and install it automatically.

Method two: Install 5DF file in 5DFly Photo Design

A. Run 5DFly Photo Design software, from the top toolbar, click button Install template.

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B. Browse the folder and select the file (.5DF) you have downloaded and click Open it.

C. The software will install the template-set file. When it's done, it pops up a window to tell which category the templates have been installed.

4. On the template-set list screen in 5DFly Photo Design, click the category like baby, family etc. to refresh, you will see the new installed one.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2010 18:34