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Quick Start - The easiest photo design software

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5DFly Photo Design software provides an easy-to-use and unified framework for photo design and photo template automatic rendering. Here’s how to get started:

1. Select a template-set and your photos for automatic photo rendering

You can browse for your photos and select a photo template-set such as 2010 baby calendar, love & romantic template, or wedding photo design template. 5DFly software will do the all the rest for you including apply your photos to the template automatically and generate amazing well-deigned photos in no second.

Free Photo Templates Download 5DFly Photo Design Software Free Download

Photo Design Software

2. Make some slight changes

Choose one of the photo design pages, which is generated by 5DFly automatically, and double click it to make slight changes when necessary. 5DFly photo provides a very powerful and easy-to-use graphic edit tools. You may change the photo template, frame, background or image layer layout. Besides, you can easily edit your picture like color adjustment, brightness, contrast, crop, monochrome, rotate, resize, crop, and so on.

In the latest version 2.66 which is released on Feb,3rd,2010, you may double click the image layer of a original photo, then choose a photo in the pop-up window to replace it quickly.
photo editing software screenshot

Tip of editing you must know: How to quickly replace my photo with another one?

From version 2.67 released on Feb. 10th, 2010, in Edit Mode, in design area, double click an image layer of your original photo, then choose another photo in the pop-up window and replace it quickly while the layout will be kept. Please note the image layers added from the element panel cannot be double clicked to be replaced.

3. Output to high resolution photos for printing or batch export them to photo slideshow Flash or PowerPoint

  • 5DFly photo template is designed for the purpose of high-resolution image output and most of them has the resolution of 1998*1332 pixel. For the knowledge of image printing relevant to image size, please refer to the article of Image Resolution by 5DFly.

  • You can easily make animated photo slide show in the format of SWF file or PowerPoint.

    Photo Slideshow Flash & Photo Slideshow Powerpoint Software

4. Download more photo template-set and design amazing photos like a expert

You have unlimited access to all amazing photo templates continually designed by 5DFly team. Definitely you can find your favorites on our web site like baby photo templates, wedding photo design template, love & romantic photo templates, and so on. Please refer to the article of Download photo template to get more information about photo templates download & installation.


Last Updated on Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:42