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Photo Flash or Photo PowerPoint

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You have the unlimited access to well-designed photo templates designed by 5DFly team. Based on the well-designed photo templates, you are able to design amazing photos without specified professional software skills.

Not just for printing hard copy, many people also likes to share their photo stories with the family, friends on the Internet such as Forum, online album etc.

5DFly provides easy tool for you to generate your creatively designed images to photo slideshow Flash or PowerPoint. Normally when people share their photos, must use image tool to resize the picture due to its big size prior to put it into PowerPoint or Flash. 5DFly tool can automatically resize your photos to screen resolution and generate Photo slideshow PowerPoint or Flash so for you to share it easily.

To generate photo Flash or photo PowerPoint,

1. After you finish your design on preview screen, click Photo Rendering & Output , then goes to image output interface as below.

2. You may do one of the following to generate your image output in different format.

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A. Click Generate JPG files, then in the pop up window, specify the resolution of the JPG file and folder where to place them, then click OK to  get JPG files output.

B. Click Photo Flash, then in the pop up window, select a MP3 music and specified folder to generate photo slideshow Flash  (SWF file). When Creating Flash, some MP3 cannot be heard or heard clearly in Flash due to its nonstandard MP3 format, please choose another MP3 if it happens.

C. Click PowerPoint, then in the pop up window specify the file name to generate photo slideshow PowerPoint in PPT or PPS format.

To change the sequence of the photos for slideshow in Flash or PowerPoint,

If you want to change the image display sequence, you need enter the Edit Mode to change it as below.

In Edit Mode, from the list of Photo Pages in the left, select one or several photo pages, drag it to the place you want .

When it's done and go to the screen of preview, the photo flash or PowerPoint generation will rearrange the photo sequence accordingly.


Last Updated on Saturday, 06 February 2010 19:18