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Advanced Edit Mode Overview - Powerful & Easy-to-use image editor

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5DFly includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use image editor with an array of useful tools to manage image layer, set image transparency, monochrome, RGB adjustment, brightness, contrast, remove red-eye in digital images, and much more.

You can also edit and enhance your images by adjusting the light and color levels, cropping images that are too large, rotating images that are incorrectly aligned. All the process in WYSIWYG interface and you can preview your changes, and then save your design anytime you want.

To enter Edit Mode:

  • After you apply a template-set and in the design preview interface, click the button Edit at the left bottom

    automatic photo template rendering

    In Edit Mode:

  • You may see the below screen.

    Powerful yet easy-to-use image edit tool

    In the area of Photo Pages, all your designs are listed. You may click one of them to modify it in Design Area. You may also drag the photo page to change its sequence of the photo pages and it's useful when you generate photo slideshow.
    In Edit Panel, you may find many useful image edit functions such as image layer management, monochrome, color adjustment, transparency and so on.
    In Design Area, you may click the image layer to move, resize, rotate in WYSIWYG mode.
    In Element Panel, all the elements installed along with 5DFly photo template can be easily added to the design area as an image layer.
    In Original Photo Basket, you may double click or drag your favorite photos to design area as an image layer.

    When you complete your design, click Editing Completed button to preview screen and prepare to render your photos for output.

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2010 11:24