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Photo Template, Frame & Background

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Before starting the design, you'd better to understand the following concepts regarding template, frame, background, which should be very helpful for your image process.

In Edit Mode, you may find the tabs in Element Panel at right side, which includes template, frame, background, and images. The concept of Template, Frame, Background, and Image, you need to refer to the section of Basic Concept.

Before you continue to read the below content, it would be helpful if you have already fully understand the content of Basic Concept. The frame, background, and images at the right element panel stand for the image elements which are used very often.

Therefore, when you double click a template or a element, one of the following will happen in design area,

1. Double click a template

In Element Panel, Click the tab Template, then double click a template thumbnail, which contains the elements & its layout,  the software will place all of them in design area according to its layout. The template also has the information where to place the original photo, so the software will choose one of your original photos in the basket and put it in the right place.

2. Double click a Frame

In Element Panel, Click the tab Frame, then double click a frame thumbnail or drag it to design area, the frame will be placed as the top layer to cover the whole area in design area and it's automatically locked. In most case, a frame is a transparent image in PNG format.

3. Double click a Background

In Element Panel, Click the tab Background, then double click a background thumbnail or drag it to design area, the background will be placed as the bottom layer and automatically set to locked status.

4. Double click an Image

In Element Panel, Click the tab Image, then double click an Image thumbnail or drag it to design area. Image stand for  the often-used pictures like a pet, a lovely text, a flower or similar lovely decoration clipart.

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2010 11:28