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Publish Template & Share Your Design

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5DFly provides a quick method to publish your design project as a template-set. If you just want to design a single photo template, please refer to the section of Save one page as a template.

To Convert a project to a template-set

1. Click Project in the toolbar, it will pop up a window of project list as below.

2. Select a project you designed, click Convert to template set button.

3. In the pop-up window, select a category, input the name of template-set and choose a thumbnail, then click OK to save it.

When the conversion is done, on the first screen of template-set list, click the tab of the category you specified for the template set, you may find the new template-set converted from your design project.


To Publish a template-set

1. Click Publish Template in the toolbar, it will pop up a window of category and template-set.

2. Select category to filter the template-set, select one from the template-set list, then click Publish button and input the file name to start the process.

The file with the extension of .5DF can be shared with other peoples. How to install the template, please refer to the section of Install Photo Template.

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 February 2010 19:57